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meatball of the month – july and august

Søren Gade is behind this month’s Meatball of the Month.

He is mainly known as a politician, but in fact cooking is a popular leisure-time activity for the doughty West Jutlander. In 2014 Søren Gade tied his apron and participated in MasterChef Denmark. He performed well in the kitchen and ended up reaching the finals.

As a former CEO of Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Søren Gade has extensive knowledge of Danish produce, which he ranks among the best in the world.

Danish produce play an essential role in Søren’s version of the classical Danish meatballs which you can try in July and August at Bryggeriet Apollo.


3 pcs. served with new potatoes, parsley sauce, beet roots and homemade pickled cucumber. 145 DKK

new concept in 2021

In 2021, we have developed a brand new menu for Bryggeriet Apollo. The great experiences are at the center, and therefore we have put together a menu that fits perfectly with our beer. As something completely new, you can e.g. order light sandwiches, meatballs, crisp fried pork slices and tartlets.

our beer

Each brewery is run by a brewer who makes the beer according to old craft traditions, and much care throughout the process. Malt, hops, water and yeast are transformed into freshly brewed draft beer, and the breweries also launch a brand new and exciting beer eleven times a year.


Our regular beer, which is brewed according to the German principle of purity, i.e. nothing but hops, yeast, malt, water – and TIME!

apollo ale

In Apollo, in addition to the pilsner, we also have an Ale as a regular beer on tap. Our Ale is brewed with a slightly bitter English ale as an inspiration. 

special brew

We brew a special beer approx. 12 times a year, it is a special brew inspired by the season. We always have 2 different special beers on the card.


“We often have to convince new customers that our beautiful copper kettles are actually in use – that we brew our beer in them.”

Among the many A Hereford Beefstouw restaurants and pub breweries, the brewery in Herning stands out as a superb example of how to combine excellent interior design, food, beer and art into a perfect experience. Situated next to the entrance of Copenhagen’s famous amusement park “Tivoli”, the Apollo Brewery is situated with grace in the very heart of Denmark’s capital. Since the premises originally housed the Apollo Theatre, the name stuck when the Apollo Brewery opened its doors to the world in 1990. The Apollo Brewery was designed with the famous German beer cellars in mind.

Today, the brewery stands as a subtle mixture of new design and old foundations. Situated in the middle of the room, the sparkling copper-plated brewing kettle reaches from basement to the first floor. Traditional Scandinavian ‘long tables’, a beautiful skylight and an interesting view of the yeasting process in the cellar add to the cozy atmosphere in the brewery. Due to the flexible seating arrangements, one can enjoy the quiet privacy of the inner parts of the brewery or observe bustling Copenhagen street life from the outside tables next to the Tivoli-entrance.

Since 1990, the brewery has supplied hundreds of thousands of customers with cold, foamy beer. Traditional draught beer and special brews are produced every month, crafted by our brewers using traditional recipes.



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