Each Brewery is run by a brewer who makes the beer according to old craft traditions and a good deal of care throughout the process. Malt, hops, water and yeast are transformed into freshly brewed draught beer. The Breweries also launch a brand new and exciting beer eleven times a year.
With inspiration from all kinds of beer, we brew a very special brew approx. once a month: Cherry Beer, Weissbeer, May Bock or Denmark's first Hemp Beer - just to name a few.

Special brEW

We brew a special brew approx. once a month, it is a special brew inspired by the season. The beer may be made with foreign beer classics as inspiration combined with the brewer’s many years of experience and desire to refine and put his personal imprint on the beer – or it can be an innovation such as Denmark’s first legal Hemp Beer, “Buckwheat”, Rye Beer, Anise Beer, etc.

Special Brew 2021

January: Schwarzbier
February: IPA (India Pale Ale)
March: Honey Rye Ale
April: Easter Brew
May: Rhubarb Ale
June – July 4th.: Rhubarb Ale
From July 27th & August: Honey Rye Ale
September: Oatmeal Brown Ale
October: Dark Weissbier
November & December: Christmas Brew

Subject to change.


Our regular beer, which is brewed according to the German principle of purity, i.e. nothing but hops, yeast, malt, water – and TIME!

No two brews are exactly alike, which is part of the charm. But regardless of the slight differences in colour, the pilsner always has a slight bitterness and a fresh acidity that is counterbalanced by a fullness and a perfectly round aftertaste. Our pilsner is the pioneer beer for the many of the new unfiltered beers on the Danish beer market. When it was first served in 1990 at Aage Damgaard’s opening of the Apollo Brewery, it was a great innovation. The Brewery’s pilsner is constantly being renewed and improved and today it is a much more complex beer than the original pilsner. The pilsner is bottom fermented.

Alcohol: 4.6%.
Malt: Primarily pilsner malt and a little Munich and caramel malt.
Hops: American bitter and aroma hops.


In Herning, in addition to pilsner, we also have an ale as one of our regular beers on tap. Our ale is brewed with a slightly bitter English ale as inspiration. It is also characterized by a strong malty flavour, which is rounded off by a pleasant floral taste from the aroma hops. Apollo and Sct. Clemens usually also have an ale on tap as one of their special brews. The ale is topfermented.

Alcohol: 4.6%.
Malt: 1/3 Pilsner malt, 1/3 Munich malt, caramel malt and Weyermann’s “Carared”.
Hops: American Warrior, Pearl and Sterling.





All our beers are brewed on site in the large copper vessels.
They are brewed with malt and hops without the use of artificial additives.


Glass, 25 cl: 29 / €4
Glass, 50 cl: 58 / €8
Kwak, 1L: 116 / €17
Pitcher, 1L: 116 / €17
Pitcher, 2L: 232 / €33

herning ale

Glass, 25 cl: 31 / €4
Glass, 50 cl: 62 / €9
Kwak, 1L: 124 / €18
Pitcher, 1L: 124 / €18
Pitcher, 2L: 248 / €35

special brEW

Glass, 25 cl: 35 / €5
Glass, 50 cl: 70 / €10
Kwak, 1L: 140 / €20
Pitcher, 1L: 140 / €20
Pitcher, 2L: 280 / €40


You can take home all the types of beer that we serve here at the Brewery – in 1 or 2 litre bottles. (We refund the deposit when you return the bottle without breakage)


Pitcher, 1L: 40 / €5
Pitcher, 2L:  80 / €10

herning ale

Pitcher, 1L: 45 / €6
Pitcher, 2L:  90 / €12


100 / €13

special brEW

Pitcher, 1L: 50 / €7
Pitcher, 2L:  100 / €13



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